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20 Redesigned Everyday Products That Could Change Your Life in 2021

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20 Redesigned Everyday Products That Could Change Your Life in 2021

Creativity has no limit. And some of the things that people can imagine and create can actually leave us spellbound.

And the whole point of our imagination and creativity is to make our lives easier and better. So how about 25 amazing ideas that will make things a whole lot more convenient for us:

1. Light Wi-Fi

Light Wi-Fi - Byhe Innovations

The Chinese are developing a type of Wi-Fi that uses light rather than radio waves to emit wireless signals. The speed is as fast as DSL, with the potential to be far faster. Some office building in the North Western United States have already implemented the technology.

2. Washable Keyboard

Washable Keyboard - Byhe Innovations

While it may be difficult to imagine a washable keyboard, it truly does exist. No more worries about spilled coffee, water, or soda around the computer. The redesign also spells an end to icky, sticky keys.

3. Toilet With Sink Cistern

Toilet With Sink Cistern - Byhe Innovations

This is a product with a definite innovative twist. A toilet with an attached sink, the redesign saves water and money. It also frees up space in a very small bathroom.

4. Flash Drive File Display

Flash Drive File Display - Byhe Innovations

Display files on the flash drive in use. This revamped little item saves time by displaying files on the drive without having to click between the file and the hard drive.

5. Edible Coffee Cup

Edible Coffee Cup - Byhe Innovations

This is a favorite of mine. An edible coffee cup pastry is much like “having your cake and eating it too.” An incredibly delicious and innovative way to start your day.

6. Flat Extension Cords

No more round bumps under floor rugs with this cool extension cord. No more tripping over wires either. Stay connected, without the hassle.

7. Trap The Cap Bottle Opener

Trap The Cap Bottle Opener - Byhe Innovations

Instead of having to hunt down the cap when a bottle is opened, this little gadget traps the cap for easy removal. The secret is a magnet that keeps the cap stuck to the bottle opener.

8. Self-Chilling Energy Drink

Self-Chilling Energy Drink - Byhe Innovations

Simply push a button for a refreshingly cool drink. A nice little addition when there’s just no room in the cooler or the fridge.

9. Serrated Edge Ice Cream Scoop

Serrated Edge Ice Cream Scoop - Byhe Innovations

The serrated edge makes all the innovative difference when cutting into a carton of ice cream. The soft grip makes for a very comfortable fit, as well.

10. Smart Bin

This handy little contraption will make sure you never miss a pitch to the trash can ever again. It is mounted on wheels and designed to catch the trash thrown at it.

11. Augmented Video Display Glasses

Augmented Video Display Glasses - Byhe Innovations

View the world through glasses much like a video game. A camera is mounted into each lens and the data is then digitized.

12. Electricity Generating Fibers In Clothes

Electricity Generating Fibers In Clothes - Byhe Innovations

Every single move you make, even while resting and breathing, generates energy. Now this energy can be stored in clothes and used to charge gadgets on the go.

13. Folding Speed Bumps

Folding Speed Bumps - Byhe Innovations

No one loves speed bumps. This speed bump folds up when approached at a low speed, but remains a bump when a vehicle is at high speed.

14. Laser Keyboards

Laser Keyboards - Byhe Innovations

Simply hook the projector to a computer or a smartphone via Bluetooth and type away. It makes tapping sounds just like a regular keyboard. Use on any flat surface.

15. High-Tech Bug Zappers

High-Tech Bug Zappers - Byhe Innovations

This project was financed by Bill Gates to kill off disease-carrying mosquitoes. A laser is mounted on a stand and can “hear” the flapping wings of mosquitoes and zaps the bugs to death.

16. Laser Touch Screen

Laser Touch Screen - Byhe Innovations

A touch screen without a screen is the idea. A shoulder-mounted projector projects the touch screen onto any flat surface. The user simply taps the screen to access more information.

17. Transparent Screen

Transparent Screen - Byhe Innovations

This smartphone app makes it easy to walk and text at the same time. The see-through application provides a view of a keyboard and the text you are working on, overlaid over an image of your surroundings using the camera, which prevents you walking into obstacles.

18. Personalized Luggage Tag

Personalized Luggage Tag - Byhe Innovations

The tag may lessen the wait time at the luggage carousel. The luggage tag politely asks fellow passengers to shout out your name to make it easy to find your luggage.

19. Fridge Camera

Fridge Camera - Byhe Innovations

Schedule a picture of the fridge contents to make sure nothing is forgotten in the grocery store. The little contraption also prevents purchasing items that are not needed.

20. QlockTwo Watch

QlockTwo Watch - Byhe Innovations

A twist on a classic. Instead of numbers the time is displayed in a sentence, such as, “It is half past six.” A little something different for the innovator in your life.

All in all, we can expect innumerable changes & innovations in the tech sector by 2021. We have already been exposed to some innovations right in 2020 and the streak will continue. The tech innovations will certainly change the way we lead our lives in 2021. The products of technology will be a boon for major tech companies and budding entrepreneurs.

Here’s to the hope of a better and smoother life. Cheers!

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